Chris Daley
Digital Marketing Consultant
Your Digital Marketing Force Multiplier
How can one thrive in a world full of mega challenges and changes?  
Chris Daley have been studying these issues for many years and have been helping clients harness assets, skills, and ecosystems to improve their outcomes and drive growth online.
Chris is here to help you figured out how to add peak value, advantage, benefit, enhancement, more possibility to your client   thus getting every element of your business performing in the sweet to your bank account zone.

Intellectual Property Expert
He is versed in the critical currency of intellectual property as he is a practicing patent Examiner in the technology of computer architecture and is the past president of Caribbean Intellectual Property Association (CIPA), where he promoted understanding of intellectual property to the Caribbean community through workshops.
Community Engagement

Chris is Involved in the Local Community
Through a Variety of Organizations.

He is a pro bono consultant and volunteer to Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS).

He is engaged with the Futures Forum, a think tank looking at macro issues affecting the Caribbean from a technology perspective.

He is a business advisor to the Enactus chapter at Washington Adventist University.

He manages the website and social channels for the virtual Jamaica Independence Worship Service under the mentorship of Dr. Basil Buchanan.

He serves on the executive board of Collaborate to Educate Our Sons, a mentoring non-profit with affiliate organization in Jamaica.


He is an author​​​​​​​ in a multi-author book on
Entrepreneurship, entitled
The Start Journey to Entrepreneurship,
​​​​​​​ which was an
 Amazon best seller.


 He also an e-book entitled, Tallawah On!
Nurturing the Seeds of Our Greatness
 with Dr. Shelly 

This  boast the value of the spirit that drives our greatness.


He enjoys spending time in the museums , and sacred spaces of the National Mall, and sharing the greatness of this country to grand kids.


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